BioloidControl Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_CmdConsole Input Line
_CommandConsole Command
_PAGEPage (Bioloid Motion File Data)
_PHEADERPage Header (Bioloid Motion File Data)
_RECORDKey Frame (Bioloid Motion File Data)
CAnglePointValue of one joint angle (Interpolation)
CAxAx module (Sensor or Servo, Hardware Abstraction)
CAx12Ax12 module (Servo motor, Hardware Abstraction)
CAxs1AxS1 module (Sensor, Hardware Abstraction)
CBezierBezier Splines
CBoxCubic base component of geometry model
CButtonButton (Hardware abstraction)
CCartesianSpaceWrapperWrapper class for interpolation in cartesian space
CCommandMotion Command
CCommandContainerMotion Command Aggregation Class
CCommandSequenceMotions Command: Container
CCommandStopMotion Command: Stop
CConfigurationConfiguration file wrapper
CCrcCyclic redundancy check
CDhDenavit Hartenberg Link information
CFrameFrame in cartesian space
CGeometryGeometry model
CGlobalContainerGlobal Objects container
CIdentifiableBase class for every identifiable robot part (buttons, servos, sensors, leds)
CInterpolationInterpolation Base Class
CInterpolationBaseInterpolation Class for an array of double values
CInterpolationDataInterpolation Data
CInterpolationFactoryInterpolation Factory
CInterpolationWrapperInterpolation Wrapper Base Class
CIpoDataInterpolated joint angles
CIteratorIterator base class
CJointSpaceWrapperWrapper class for interpolation in joint space
CKinematicChainKinematic chain
CKinematicChainContainerKinematic Robot Model
CLedLed (Hardware abstraction)
CLinearLinear Interpolation
CLinearQuaternionInterpolation in Cartesian Space (Orientation only: Quaternions)
CLinearQuaternionDataInterpolation data used by the CLinearQuaternion (timestamp, cartesian position and rotation matrix)
CLinearQuaternionLinearInterpolation in Cartesian Space (Position: linear, Orientation: Quaternions)
CListDouble linked list
CListItemLinked list item
CListIteratorList Iterator
CMathLibMathematical functions
CMatrixHomogenous matrix
CMotionMotion Sequence Container
CMotionContainerMotion Command, Interpolation and Storage Class (threaded)
CMotionDataMotion Key Frame
CMotionSequenceSequence of Key Frames
CParserBufferParser Tree, Variable and String Storage
CParserBufferTimestampImage of inner parser state
CParserItemNode item used in parser tree
CPlatformOperation system depending functions
CPointCartesian Position and Orientation of one limb (Interpolation)
CRobotRobot (kinematic, geometric, dynamic model)
CRobotWrapperRobot (Servos, Sensors, Leds, Buttons, Hardware Abstraction)
CSplineCubic Splines
CTestTest Class
CUtilUtility functions
CVariableVariable used in scripting language
CVecHomogenous vector
CWrapperRobot Communication Wrapper
PolyederMemory Mapped File Data Container

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