CAx Class Reference

Ax module (Sensor or Servo, Hardware Abstraction). More...

#include <wrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CAx ()
bool setParameter (byte addr, byte *data, byte len, byte schedule=0)
 Sends data to the module.
bool getParameter (byte addr, byte *buffer, byte len)
 Retrieves data from the module.

Detailed Description

Ax module (Sensor or Servo, Hardware Abstraction).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CAx::CAx (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool CAx::setParameter ( byte  addr,
byte data,
byte  len,
byte  schedule = 0 

Sends data to the module.

Sends len bytes from data to the module starting at address addr. schedule indicates that the data should be sent to the robot but won't be activated until the CWrapper::runScheduledAx function is called.

bool CAx::getParameter ( byte  addr,
byte buffer,
byte  len 

Retrieves data from the module.

Reads len bytes from the module into buffer starting at address addr.

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