CParserBuffer Class Reference

Parser Tree, Variable and String Storage. More...

#include <parser.h>

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Public Member Functions

int addVariable (char *name, double val)
int addString (char *text)
int addItem (char id, int first, int second)
void save (CParserBufferTimestamp &timestamp)
 Stores current state of parser.
void restore (CParserBufferTimestamp &timestamp)
 Restores state of parser.
void execute ()

Public Attributes

char strings_buffer [STRINGS_MAX][STRINGS_LEN]
int strings_count
CVariable variables_buffer [VARIABLES_MAX]
int variables_count
CParserItem items [ITEMS_MAX]
int items_count

Private Member Functions

double execute (int id)

Detailed Description

Parser Tree, Variable and String Storage.

Member Function Documentation

double CParserBuffer::execute ( int  id  )  [private]

int CParserBuffer::addVariable ( char *  name,
double  val 

int CParserBuffer::addString ( char *  text  ) 

int CParserBuffer::addItem ( char  id,
int  first,
int  second 

void CParserBuffer::save ( CParserBufferTimestamp timestamp  ) 

Stores current state of parser.

void CParserBuffer::restore ( CParserBufferTimestamp timestamp  ) 

Restores state of parser.

void CParserBuffer::execute (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

char CParserBuffer::strings_buffer[STRINGS_MAX][STRINGS_LEN]

int CParserBuffer::strings_count

CVariable CParserBuffer::variables_buffer[VARIABLES_MAX]

int CParserBuffer::variables_count

CParserItem CParserBuffer::items[ITEMS_MAX]

int CParserBuffer::items_count

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