CMotionSequence Class Reference

Sequence of Key Frames. More...

#include <motion.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CMotionSequence ()
int count ()
void add (CMotionData *item)
void clear ()
void remove ()
void saveToFile (char *filename)
void loadFromFile (char *filename)
void loadFromMotionEditorFile (char *filename, unsigned int firstId=1, unsigned int lastId=128)
void loadFromMotionEditorFile (char *filename, unsigned int *ids, unsigned int length)
CListIterator getIterator ()
CMotionDataoperator[] (int i)

Private Attributes

CList motionData

Detailed Description

Sequence of Key Frames.

Stores motion data as a sequence of key frames (CMotionData). The time delay between two key frames is equal to the CMotionData::pause associated with the first key frame. The sequence can be stored in a xml file and loaded from it. Additionally motion data can be loaded from .mtn files created by the Motion Editor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CMotionSequence::CMotionSequence (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int CMotionSequence::count (  ) 

void CMotionSequence::add ( CMotionData item  ) 

void CMotionSequence::clear (  ) 

void CMotionSequence::remove (  ) 

void CMotionSequence::saveToFile ( char *  filename  ) 

void CMotionSequence::loadFromFile ( char *  filename  ) 

void CMotionSequence::loadFromMotionEditorFile ( char *  filename,
unsigned int  firstId = 1,
unsigned int  lastId = 128 

void CMotionSequence::loadFromMotionEditorFile ( char *  filename,
unsigned int *  ids,
unsigned int  length 

CListIterator CMotionSequence::getIterator (  ) 

CMotionData * CMotionSequence::operator[] ( int  i  ) 

Member Data Documentation

CList CMotionSequence::motionData [private]


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