CLeg Class Reference

#include <test.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CLeg ()
void preprocess ()
void process (CLeg *legs)
void update (CLeg *legs)

Public Attributes

CVec start
CVec end
CVec current
CVec target
CVec base
CVec oldTarget
CVec oldCurrent
int oldCounter
float legDown
float legUp
float legFront
float legBack
float legInner
float legOuter
float offset
float stanceCounter
float swingCounter
float offsetCounter
float maxCounter
bool onGround
bool isFront
bool isBack
bool isSwinging
bool doSwing
bool doStance
int id
int prior
int next
int across

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CLeg::CLeg (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void CLeg::preprocess (  ) 

void CLeg::process ( CLeg legs  ) 

void CLeg::update ( CLeg legs  ) 

Member Data Documentation

CVec CLeg::start

CVec CLeg::end

CVec CLeg::current

CVec CLeg::target

CVec CLeg::base

CVec CLeg::oldTarget

CVec CLeg::oldCurrent

int CLeg::oldCounter

float CLeg::legDown

float CLeg::legUp

float CLeg::legFront

float CLeg::legBack

float CLeg::legInner

float CLeg::legOuter

float CLeg::offset

float CLeg::stanceCounter

float CLeg::swingCounter

float CLeg::offsetCounter

float CLeg::maxCounter

bool CLeg::onGround

bool CLeg::isFront

bool CLeg::isBack

bool CLeg::isSwinging

bool CLeg::doSwing

bool CLeg::doStance

int CLeg::id

int CLeg::prior

int CLeg::next

int CLeg::across

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